Tudor Webasto & Weathershield

The Trimming Centre are pioneers in the fitting of the Webasto sunroof, a trade which has been handed down through generations over the last 55 years.

Tudor Webasto & Weathershield Tudor Webasto & Weathershield

At the start of Tudor Webasto establishing the business in the UK, George Camp, afterhours in a workshop in Clapham Junction with a small team of craftsmen, lead the way in the fitting of the sunroof. George and his team developed their techniques of roof installations over the years and were recognised as the main suppliers and fitters of the Tudor Webasto coach built sunroof in the country.

In 1969 George and his son, Steve Camp, started the Brighton franchise C & D Autos. At the height of the industry during the mid season, C & D Autos were fitting approximately fifty Webasto sunroofs per week.

Tudor Webasto & Weathershield Tudor Webasto & Weathershield

George has sadly passed away but Steve carries on the traditions at The Trimming Centre in Lewes not only with the Tudor Webasto sunroofs but the complete range of Webasto Hollandia sunroofs from Glass pop tops to inbuilt original equipment type roofs and the Britax Weathershield sunroof.

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The Trimming Centre can repair and refurbish classic sunroofs, headlinings and vinyl roofs, also offering a professional interior upholstery service.

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Tudor Webasto & Weathershield Tudor Webasto & Weathershield

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